Who are you guys?

Extend & Play is firstly a djs, producers and promoteurs collective based in Marseille and composed of Elijah "Projekt AM", Kriss "Life Recorder" and Colin "Niloc". It has now expand as Colin opened a record store under the same name back in 2015, opened to all vinyl lovers and electronic music enthusiasts, right in the middle of Marseille. Extend & Play is also a host to 3 labels : Smoky Window, Lemme Records and Life Notes Recordings.

Where to find you?

We're located in Marseille, right on top of the Notre Dame Du Mont hill and right next to the artistic Cours Julien. Our shop is open monday to saturday from 1pm until 8pm. Here is the address : 2 Place Notre Dame Du Mont 13006 Marseille, France.

What kind of records can I dig at your shop?

We're specialized in electronic music and are distributing a selection of new and second hand records from all around the world. Our catalogue ranges from disco to hardcore music, with everything you can find in between and a strong focus on house and techno music. We also have a section for vintage and reissues of funk, soul and jazz, apparel, luggage and other merchs and dj tools.

How to get in touch?

You can reach us via our Facebook page, email or telephone :



0033 983 562 008

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