Motion Process Guiding Lines
Motion Process Guiding Lines

Motion Process – Guiding Lines


Artist   Motion Process
Label   Life Notes Recordings
Cat. #  LN001
Type    12″
From   FR
Date     05/2017


As a producer and dj, Life Recorder has always been sailing within the narrow frontier of house and techno, searching for inspiration where this very wall is barely audible : the sounds from Detroit, New York and Chicago. After more than 10 releases on imprints such as Aesthetic Audio, Bokhari or Argumento, and a decade long of touring the greatest dj booth around, Chris has naturally come to a new milestone as a music man.. creating his own record label Life Notes Recordings, and initiating it with a new moniker, Motion Process.

This first EP and his new moniker give him the opportunity to explore further more into what his aesthetic is made of, resulting in Guiding Lines EP, a four tracker 12 inch that adds a legit abstract aspect to his productions, side to side with the classic detroitish touch he has learned to master.

A1 – For Da Mind is an ode to his roots and a showcase of his love for the pads and the tangled game of the percussion playing with the hats.
A2 – Gravitation is the lighthouse of his new explorations on the broken and abstract side of things. Revealing an effective union between dreamy keys, wonky bass and an electroid and mental drum pattern.
B1 – Shapes In Motion Is a tribute to what he has been working on for over a decade, developing this unique blend of deep house infused techno, with infinite pads and a groovy superposition of reminiscing hi hats, bass line and percussion.
B2 – Look At The Light is closing this EP by providing a more relaxing environment to the listener, and an interesting tool for the DJ as the twisted percussion sample goes almost randomly on and on. It’s a most sentimental track and a clear signal as of what we can expect from Chris from now on.

Life Notes Recordings is part of the Extend & Play family and roster.

Info :

Motion Process – Guiding Lines EP
Life Notes Recordings – LN001
Release date : 28.04.2017
Written & produced by Motion Process aka Life Recorder
Mastered by Herb LF
Distribution by Extend & Play and Chez Emile Records
Available on record & digital through Bandcamp

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